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Arcade1Up - Killer Instinct Arcade with Stool, Riser, Lit Deck & Lit Marquee

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Product Features

  • Features 5 games Including Killer instinct, Killer instinct 2, Battletoads Arcade, Battletoads 8-bit , Battletoads 16-bit
  • Real-feel arcade controls Feature full-size joystick and buttons for hours of gaming
  • 17" full-color LCD display Delivers sharp images
  • Wi-Fi enabled Allows you to enjoy online multiplayer with your friends in an arcade format.
  • Exclusive matching stool You can relax and focus on the game in front of you
  • E10+ (Everyone 10+)
  • Light-Up Marquee
  • Light-Up Deck Protector
  • Molded Coin Door

Product Description

In anticipation, Midway developed T2 the arcade game simultaneously with the film’s production and release. Utilizing sleek light guns for one or two players to play the roles of T-800 cyborgs, the game featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick, and Eddie Furlong reprising their respective roles in digitized footage.

Product Details

Manufacturer Arcade1Up Model Number KIL-A-01089
SKU 6483285 UPC 195570001943
Product Weight 104 pounds Number Of Games Included 4
Storage Type None Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 90 days
Cable(s) Included AC power Product Width 31 inches
Screen Size 17 inches Product Length 22.75 inches
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi Product Height 57.8 inches
Games Included Yes Color Category Multi
Model Number KIL-A-01089 Maximum Number Of Players 2
ESRB Rating E10+ (Everyone 10+) Product Name Killer Instinct Arcade with Stool, Riser, Lit Deck & Lit Marquee
Arcade Design Full-size Smart Capable No
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 90 days Brand Arcade1Up
Compatible Platform(s) Other Console Type Arcade
Power Source Plug-in Number Of USB Port(s) 0
Game Title(s) Included Killer instinct, Killer instinct 2, Battletoads Arcade, Battletoads vs Double Dragon Digital False
Pre-Owned False Height 57.8 inches
Width 31 inches Depth 22.75 inches
Weight 104 pounds Shipping Weight 98.10
Warranty Labor 90 days Warranty Parts 90 days
Type HardGood Sub Class ARCADE CABINETS

Customer Reviews

Customer Top Rated: False


6/5/2023 12:06:13 PM

Always wanted one finally got it

I read reviews of it not the best or its great alot of mixed reviews i took my chance i couldn't be more happier lights make look great only thing about mine marquee don't seem to work or not sure there a buttons for that have not figured that out


6/2/2023 5:05:48 AM

Great where it counts

Feels very close to the arcade. Emulation is spot on, the joysticks feel 10x better than my other 1up machines. For me, I only took away one star for a few of the common minor issues that I see on my cabinet. I've heard the notorious clicking sound when machine is off (tap the deck light button and it stops) and one panel seems slightly lose in the front below the deck. These are not deal breakers, so enjoy the combo breakers instead!


6/1/2023 1:11:56 PM

Love the game, loathe the received condition

Great addition to my little arcade collection, but whoever at Best Buy that decided to carve the box to garbage doesn’t have my thanks. Cut so deep that it carved the siding of the machine. Other than the glaring issue of the side of the cabinet, it runs great. Emulation works well, sound could be a bit better (more bass), but I am happy with it.


5/31/2023 2:53:35 PM

Supreme victory

Love this cab, the joysticks feel much better than previous arcade1up cabinets and the LED on the panel is a nice touch!

5/21/2023 3:18:05 PM

Good, and fair price

Overall is good, but the controllers doesn’t convince me at all, it’s kind of hard to do combos


3/17/2023 2:57:34 PM


Fast and no issues. Game runs great and online is main reason to buy it.


3/12/2023 5:29:39 PM

Best Buy is the place for this deal!

Yes yes yes. I have to agree with all the positive reviews on here! Owning this now as an adult brings back so many memories…. Dont get discouraged by so many negative reviews about this “home arcade” because if those “hard to please” indivduals”” had enough money and a mansion to buy a real 7ft tall 5ft wide arcade and have room in their home for it, be my guest. But dont knock down Arcade 1 up and criticize the art work. Marquee, controlls, buttons, speakers, wood quality/material, color combo artwork doesnt match their blouse, etc etc etc. These were produced and built and targeted to people who can afford them and small enough to fit in any size room! Their prepackaged in a large enough box that include a riser and stool and yes YOU can pay more to “upgrade” it for better hardware, but yes, were paying over $3-700 for these should be built a little better, BUT for the average “Casual gamer” like me, its PERFECT!!! Also Best buy DOES in fact price match so Thank you Beat Buy customer support for helping me! Took some time but i got it finally! Shipping quality can be a little better protected and should be covered in wrapping paper or newspaper or something if a large card board box isnt available. Contents inside is indivudally boxed/packagd but needs more foam/bubble/pillow wrap to keep contents in place and protected during shipment ! Thats all, THANKS!


2/20/2023 9:51:53 AM

Arcade 1up

Arcade 1up games are the best. Great deal with stool included.


2/17/2023 3:30:36 PM

get it on discount

pretty cool but the audio is underwhelming, the speakers must be really cheap


1/30/2023 3:52:27 PM

Truly classic

This is probably my favorite fighting game of all time. Worth every bit of the purchase