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Bitdefender - Premium Security (10-Device) (1-Year Subscription) - Windows, Mac OS, Android, Apple iOS [Digital]

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Product Features

  • One-year subscription for installation in up to 10 PCs, Macs and select mobile devices
  • Stops most sophisticated cyber threats
  • Unlimited and secured VPN traffic for complete online privacy
  • Fully featured password manager to keep your credentials safe
  • Multilayer ransomware protection to keep your files safe
  • No slowdown on your devices

Product Description

Detect and block web attacks, ransomware and other cyber threats with this digital edition of BitDefender Premium Security software. A 1-year subscription with VPN support for up to 10 devices helps secure network traffic. Compatibility with most Windows, Mac and Android operating systems makes this BitDefender Premium Security software ideal for multi-device protection.

Product Details

Manufacturer Bitdefender Model Number PS02ZZCSN1210LEN
SKU 6519144 UPC 812813015597
Firewall Type 2-way Number of Devices 10
Subscription Yes Parental Controls Yes
Color Category Multi Model Number PS02ZZCSN1210LEN
Included Mobile App(s) Yes Protection Type(s) Password
Subscription Period 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts Not available
Product Name Premium Security (10-Device) (1-Year Subscription) Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor Not available
Brand Bitdefender Publisher Bitdefender
In-Software Purchases Subscriptions Operating System Compatibility Windows
Software Format Digital Digital True
Format Digital Pre-Owned False
Shipping Weight 0.01 Warranty Labor Not available
Warranty Parts Not available Type Software

Customer Reviews

Customer Top Rated: True


3/10/2023 3:17:52 PM


So far so good. I really like how easy this software is to use.


1/28/2023 12:15:55 AM

Two Thumbs Up

Bitdefender Premium Security was just the protection I was looking for to safeguard my PC & snartphone. I upgraded from their Total Security software to get unlimited VPN & a password manager. The download was simple & seamless. I'm still getting used to having to input a master password frequently but it's a small inconvenience to pay for the added security. Best Buy matched Bitdefender's price without the hassle of an auto renewal at a higher price next year. Not a fan of Bitdefender's renewal policy but love their product.


1/10/2023 7:45:02 AM

Works as it should without slowing your system.

As with most people, over the years I have used a gamut of virus protection. Some of which seemed to work ok and some that seemed to gum up my system and slow it to a crawl. The Bitdefender security protection software seems to be one that works well. I barely know its there and it definitely doesn't slow up my computer. While one would assume this is just a virus scan software, Bitdefender has made this package more valuable by offering several other add ons that come free such as a VPN, popup blocker and a password manager. I tried the antivirus and VPN on my personal laptop as well as my apple iphone and both worked great. The scan on my iphone was incredibly fast, revealing that my iOS is out of date and that the wifi i was on wasn't secure, cue the VPN which also worked well. The VPN has what's called a kill switch that suspends all internet traffic if the connection accidently drops. There are also many additional features and settings inside each offering that you can turn on and off to get what you want out of your service. It's relatively user friendly and has explanations for each thing you're toggling on and off, which is a plus for people that aren't as familiar. All in all, I would say this is as the title says, a premium offering from Bitdefender and worth the cost with all the extra services and the fact that you can use this on 10 devices.


1/7/2023 5:02:03 PM


Orginally I was curious regarding bit defender. Had heard alot about them from family members “. Plesently suprised “. If your looking for an all around good security suite With easy remote application functionality then look no further.


1/7/2023 2:52:56 PM

Good suite of programs from Bitdefender

Bitdefender Security First off, writing a review for virus protection software is a little bit difficult. It would be easier if I knew my computer was infected with something and I could actually assess the ablity of the software to clear the problem. Alas, that is not my situation. So, I will try to explain what's helpful about the product. I’ve used Bitdefender’s free versions for years, I should say, so I already trust the product to an extent. I have used other virus software as well, and I think this is a reliable product comparable to the other big names. I like that it has multiple licenses, as I’ve been using the free version on several devices for years and want to upgrade them. Bitdfender also does what many companies are doing in offering a suite of utilities with their basic virus protection. All in a relatively cheap package, with several licenses included makes this an attractive bundle. It is a subscription, so it’s up to the user to decide if they want to commit to this particular brand and for how long. If you expect to get only marginal use out of the extra services, though, you could certainly opt for just the virus software and potentially be happy. I think these utilities are helpful, especially if you a) don’t already have a password manager; b) don’t already have a vpn or work on public networks frequently; or c) want to generally increase your cybersecurity. This product includes the virus scan software, a vpn client, a password manager, and some other features like “safe pay.” It touts ransomware and phishing protection, again, something that one would like to have but are a little difficult to test, admittedly. Whether you need a VPN client may be dependent on your habits and the security of your system. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, anyone who travels or uses public wifi with any frequency (coffee shops, hotels, schools perhaps) would benefit from the option. I recently found something had gotten into my system during a hotel stay, and I will not be so nonchalant in the future. Having this extra layer of security is nice. It’s also nice for work at home jockeys, to help increase cybersecurity of sensitive information and safeguard your clients. A few more specific details: --Installation was very easy. Account creation was simple, and then the download and setup time was minimal for getting basic virus protection on board. From there the user can pick and choose which of the other features to install. So, if you don’t want the extra stuff all at once, you can wait and decide what features are most useful while still getting the key protections you want. I have to say some other software I have is similar, but also seemed more to nag about installation and honestly seems a bit bloated. --Virus scanning works pretty fast, especially the basic quick scan. The question is how well the company keeps up its virus definitions and responds. I have never had a problem with Bitdefender in the past on my various devices, though that does not guarantee future success. It’s hard to know, I admit, if “no news is good news” and that’s where I am as I write this review. --"Safe Pay”: This is basically a secure browser. It keeps an eye on phishing through website that you regularly use, and especially through which you might be making some kind of payment. There is also active phishing monitoring (this I really like so far). The software will keep an eye out for phishing attempts and looks for updates every 12 hours. I’ll be honest that I didn’t use the password manager, as that’s not something I need from this program. In sum, I think this is a solid product that has not caused any problems and stands to prevent many. I will say I like its operation better than some others I have used, but I think it’s pretty standard quality from Bitdefender.


1/7/2023 10:18:03 AM

Excellent overall coverage.

I absolutely love this antivirus. It does more than just protect your computer from viruses. The integrated VPN is fast and responsive. The VPN also didn’t seem to cause any issues when searching the web or streaming services. It protects my Time Machine backups. It has help block so many pop-ups and other nowhere and we’re kind of things. Installation was easy from the email sent to download. The premium support feature I used once and that was nice to be able to contact them for help and get support within minutes. This antivirus also doesn’t seem to consume a lot of resources on the computer which for me means that I don’t have to worry about it slowing down my computer or interfering with my gaming. I installed this on a Mac and two Windows PCs, and it seem to work well on all devices. Quick scans on the machines didn’t take more than four or five minutes and full system scans never took more than 10 minutes. This is a great set up for anyone looking for virus protection, and the more I would encourage anyone looking at this kind of a set up to purchase this.


1/3/2023 12:25:29 PM

Few Kinks To Iron Out, Now Working Well

When I received the email to download the Bitdefender Premium Security I couldn’t wait to try it. First and foremost I had never heard of this company. I couldn’t believe the fact that I was able to download it on 10 devices, but its true (haven’t hit the limit yet) and I thought I wouldn’t have any trouble with fulfilling that many since I own so many devices. The reason I only give it 4 stars is for this reason, I tried it first on an IOS device and when it completed its first scan it indicated that my IOS was not up to date, and I had enabled auto-updates on. I went to settings and checked to see if in fact it was up to date and it said it was. I went back to the Bitdefender App and tried another scan at which time it said the same thing. I un-installed the App thinking that was my issue. I then went back to the App Store and downloaded it again and had to enter all my saved data once again, I did the initial scan and was given the same code, IOS was an older version. I went back to the settings App and tried again, and received the same response that my version was up to date. I contacted the company and told them that I was trying to install Bitdefender and what was happening. The lady I spoke w/ said to shut it off and then turn it back on and see if that would resolve my issue. Sure enough, as soon as I did and went back to settings it showed that IOS on my device was an older version. Maybe I am punishing the makers of Bitdefender by only giving them four stars, but I am grateful to know it picked up on that. It was just the time consuming effort I had to put into it. As far as its protection, it is VERY, VERY GOOD. I have it installed on my cellphone, my wife’s, my son’s, each of our laptops and they run very smoothly. My son is in college and he had to turn his off for some reason and get the IT Dept. at the College to look at it and again, it was a settings issue that he could not log onto their system. All in all I am well pleased w/ the Bitdefender Premium security.


1/2/2023 6:18:08 PM

Great full-suite security software

Bitdefender’s Premium Security software is a great full suite of security software that can be used on up to 10 devices. Since we all have many internet-connected devices now, security software is more important than ever, and Bitdefender’s Premium Security software is a great option considering you get a one-year subscription at one low price for up to 10 devices. As with most security software available on the market, Bitdefender’s Premium Security Software detects and blocks web attacks, ransomware, and other cyber threats but does so with very little impact on PC performance in comparison to some of these other software providers. In addition, it includes an unlimited VPN for complete online privacy and a fully featured password manager which not only helps keep my credentials safe, but also makes it easier to login to the many different sites that require passwords since the password manager keeps track of the passwords for me. This is my first experience using any sort of password manager and it is so helpful that I cannot imagine not using it in the future. It really does make a big difference. Overall, Bitdefender’s Premium Security software is a very helpful bundle of high-quality security software for up to 10 devices and I highly recommend it!


1/2/2023 2:10:54 PM

Might Just Be The Best On The Market

I have been using Bitdefender for a couple of years now and this latest product does not disappoint. I have it installed on three of my own devices along with a couple of my family’s devices and we have had no problems at all. First, I feel that the security scan for viruses is great. It is thorough, regularly updated and barely noticeable running in the background. There is very little memory usage and does not impact how my MacBook Pro, iPhone or iPad run. The family has nearly equal amounts of devices and they have not had any noticeable drag in their performance. The unlimited VPN for both your laptop and mobile devices is very helpful. I travel frequently and do now want to use the unsecured open access that is provided in many places so I make sure the VPN is on as soon as a connection is made. It is also configureable to not be in use on known networks. The program also has very good built in ransomeware and phishing protection. It also helps to determine where you may have compromised user ID information and passwords by running scans for you on ID’s you use. Although I don’t use it, there are also parental controls that can be configured for younger family members. All in all, you cannot go wrong with this security product. It does everything you need and is thorough without being memory or CPU intensive. Definitely one you should try out for yourself.


12/30/2022 2:55:07 PM

Bitdefender - The Best Online Security Protection

Cybersecurity is essential if you use the internet at all. If you are interacting in society, I don’t know how you keep from not using the web/internet at some point with either your mobile devices or computer. I have tried several paid security programs over the years and there are four or five good competitors on the market, but for the last few years I have trusted Bitdefender with my work and personal information. I have been using the Total Security program on 5 devices. It has alerted me when someone is trying to hack into my system, warns me of phishing scams, protects my information against malware, spyware and adware and provides a multi-level ransomware protection. It is also equipped with parental controls and has excellent device optimizer software built into the security software that helps keep my computer running smoothly. I just recently upgraded to Bitdefender Premium Security and Privacy Pack, this version is also designed to be used on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS operating systems but it can be used on 10 devices. It is the ultimate protection combining password management, unlimited VPN use, and cyber threat detection. The program is very easy to install and pretty much runs on autopilot. It detects data threats, network threats, assesses vulnerability to attacks, anti-phishing, works with some email clients to filter out spam e-mail, and can identify fraudulent websites that are there to try to scam people and warn not to enter the site. Bitdefender has different profiles for office (work), gaming and movies. It has many features that gives the user the ultimate privacy and protects for their personal information, and that includes helping the user stay safe from online threats through social networking. One of the features that Total Security also offers is Safe Online Banking. This is offered in the Premium package too and it works very well. For additional monthly/yearly cost, other features can be added that can alert the user to bank and credit card transactions, any changes to their investment accounts, help monitor their credit reports and identify when theft identity is occurring. To install and use Bitdefender PREMIUM SECURITY the system requirements include having an operating system of Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 or Windows 11. Your device should also have 2 GB of RAM Memory and 2.5 GB free hard disk space. Bitdefender has saved my hard drive from being compromised on several occasions. I trust the software and the company and searched a few years and tried several before I concluded that this is the best online software protection on the market. Nothing is completely failproof, but your chances of having less headaches from online incidences is probably greatest with the use of Bitdefender PREMIUM SECURITY. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a strong security system to help protect their online presence.

Included Items

  • Bitdefender Premium Security (10-Device) (1-Year Subscription)