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$19.99 $19.99
3080 reviews
  • Compatible with all GoPro models Including HERO7 Silver/White/Black, HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO9 Black and HERO10 Black.
  • Wear the head strap over a helmet or directly on your head It features an adjustable design for a custom fit to help you capture footage from a headlamp perspective.
  • Attach the QuickClip to a headband or backward baseball cap Clips to any 0.1" to 0.4" thick object for ultracompact, low-profile mounting.

$39.99 $39.99
2077 reviews
  • Attach the mount to cars, boats, motorcycles and more Adjustable arms allow for ultracompact mounting, stability and a broad range of motion.
  • Capture secured, fast-action footage The industrial-strength suction cup can withstand high speeds, so you can film the details as you drive on the highway or race across a lake. It is recommended for nonimpact activities only.
  • Move between shots and locations with ease Both standard and quick-release bases are included, as well as a convenient drawstring bag for easy mobility when you're on the go.
  • Make your existing camera more versatile This mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

$49.99 $49.99
1125 reviews
  • Compatible with most GoPro cameras So you can easily attach your existing camera to objects from 0.25" to 2" in diameter. Camera can either be mounted directly to the clamp or to the adjustable neck.
  • Adjustable neck Lets you achieve a variety of shooting angles.
  • Quick-release bases Make it easy to move your camera between different mounts and locations (additional mounts not included).

$149.99 $149.99
306 reviews
  • Compatible with most consumer video cameras and personal audio recorders For wide-ranging use.
  • Condenser capsule Captures clear, high-quality sound.
  • Super cardioid polar pattern Enables highly directional recording to help minimize distracting background noise.
  • Rycote Lyre-based shock-mounting system Features rugged ABS thermoplastic for durability and isolates the microphone capsule and electronics from the shoe mount to help eliminate rumbling and vibration.
  • 3-step PAD With 0dB, -10dB and -20dB options enables clear recording of loud audio sources, such as live musical performances, motorsports and more.

$17.99 $56.99
  • Compatible with Zoom Q4 camcorders To help protect your device in wet conditions.
  • Silicone jacket Guards against water damage.
  • Water-resistant windscreen Helps prevent rain and wind from ruining the sound quality of your video.

$21.99 $21.99
  • Compatible with GoPro HERO4 action cameras For rapid charging of your existing device.
  • 1-hour charge time Allows you to power your battery quickly.
  • Indicator light Keeps you apprised of camera battery levels.
  • Foldable design Offers portability for on-the-go use. DC vehicle adapter lets you charge your device while you drive.
  • Overload protection Helps prevent damage from unexpected power surges.

$19.99 $19.99
677 reviews
  • Compatible with most GoPro action cameras Along with most industry-standard tripods for versatile use.
  • Mini tripod Offers a compact design so you can create a stable foundation wherever you go.
  • Tripod mount Provides a standard base for use with your existing tripods, so you can quickly move your camera from one to the next.
  • Quick-release mount Works with most quick-release bases for a variety of shooting positions.
  • GoPro camera sold separately.

$29.99 $29.99
  • Works with Capture camera clip So you can mount your action camera on most straps and belts (camera clip not included).
  • Adapter plate Allows you to attach action cameras and point-and-shoot cameras for awesome POV footage.
  • Strap stabilizer pad Ensures smooth, steady video capture.
  • Fully adjustable design Lets you customize the angle to capture the perfect shot.

$229.99 $229.99
178 reviews
  • Shock Mounting Rycote Lyre shock mounting onboard
  • Low Noise All new capsule with lower noise and higher sensitivity
  • Broadcast Quality Broadcast recording quality condenser microphone
  • Compact Compact form factor (150mm/6” length)
  • Lightweight Ultra lightweight (85g/3oz)
  • Battery 9V battery powered - over 70 hours use (alkaline)
  • Shock Mount Integrated shock mounting
  • Windscreen Integrated foam windscreen
  • Output 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output (dual mono)
  • Filter Two step High Pass Filter (flat, 80Hz)
  • Control Three position level control (-10dB, 0, +20dB)
  • Mounting Camera shoe mount with 3/8” thread for easy boompole mounting

$49.99 $49.99
1326 reviews
  • Size Compact size and lightweight - only 80mm (3’) long and 42gm (1.5oz)
  • Body All-metal microphone body
  • Power No battery required (powered by camera plug-in power - 2V-5V)
  • Mount Rycote Lyre shock mount included
  • Windshield Deluxe furry windshield included (WS9)

$39.99 $39.99
48 reviews
  • Compatible with VideoMic Pro-R microphones with Rycote Lyre shock mounting For a proper fit.
  • Artificial fur Reduces the sound of the wind.
  • Designed for outdoor use For acoustic transparency, even as the shield blocks peripheral sounds.
  • Lightweight To add minimal bulk to your setup.

$99.99 $99.99
97 reviews
  • Designed for camcorders For use with your existing device.
  • Shotgun microphone Enables recording of voiceovers, narration, interviews, reports and presentations.
  • Mono pattern Picks up your voice and insulates it from other signals.
  • 150Hz - 15kHz frequency response For faithful sound reproduction.