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$129.99 $129.99
  • For use with GoPro HERO action cameras GoPro quick-release bases located on the top and bottom of the light allow attachment of your camera and an additional mounting accessory (not included).
  • Versatile and portable light Wide beam angle, 4 brightness levels and 3 operating modes (continuous, flashing and SOS Morse code) help you while you're in the field.
  • Water-resistant design Allows under- and above-water use.
  • Easily attaches and detaches Includes a quick-release base, quick-release buckle, vertical quick-release buckle and a 3-way pivot arm.

$131.99 $131.99
67 reviews
  • LED color video light Use it as a very bright onboard video light, or switch to its RGB function.
  • Up to 300 different colors Savage offers a distinct colorful look of using gels without the need for any extra accessories or setup.
  • LED light Provides up to 1525 lumens at 1m in daylight mode, offers 5700K color temperature.
  • 120° light beam Illuminates a wide area for even lighting on your subjects.
  • LCD display Indicates the battery level, Kelvin temperature, and color reference numbers.
  • Battery-operated design The rechargeable battery offers up to 2.5 hours of run time at full power in daylight mode and up to 4 hours of run time at full power in RGB mode.
  • Mount included This light comes with one tiltable shoe mount with 1/4"-20 and 3/8" female thread for mounting on a camera or light stand.

$195.99 $195.99
35 reviews
  • Savage RGB Light Painter Pro LED wand Exciting tool for everything from creative light painting and colorful portraits to cool video special effects. Provides up to 6351 lux at 1m (5500K) and offers blendable 3200K-5700K color temperature.
  • Battery-operated design Allows total freedom of movement. You can use it handheld, mounted to a light stand (sold separately), or hung almost anywhere.
  • 200 color options When dialing in to 200 separate colors, each color can also be adjusted for both hue and saturation, giving the user almost unlimited shade and intensity options.
  • Mobile app can control multiple wands in synchrony or individually Command the wand to strobe, pan through the color spectrum, or even pulse to a music or audio file with the Savage Light Manager free smartphone app.

$9.99 $9.99
468 reviews
  • Works with most mobile devices Great for selfie photos, vlogging, dark scenery photography, and even makeup.
  • 36 LEDs Let you get just the right look even at dark areas.
  • Three brightness levels Offer customizable lighting.
  • Pocket-size Extremely compact and lightweight.

$29.99 $29.99
221 reviews
  • Works with most mobile devices Along with a phone holder and smartphone clip adapter, offers a perfect solution for live streaming, vlogging, group photos, makeup and more.
  • Rotating and dimmable 8" ring light Provides ideal illumination for your photos and videos.
  • Extendable tripod Allows convenient use. It also works as a phone tripod with the included phone holder for a stable image without blur.
  • Simple controls You can control your lighting using the built-in USB-cable control or remote control for quick setup.
  • Black finish Creates a stylish look.

$129.99 $129.99
478 reviews
  • Professional LED panel with 1400-lumen output Provides quality lighting for a clear image for your viewers and subscribers.
  • 80 premium OSRAM LEDs Ensure extra-bright illumination with the constant intensity you can dim down to a subtle glow.
  • 2900-7000K color temperature range Offers hues from arctic blue through sunset amber to meet your requirements.
  • Compact profile Fits any design and saves space.
  • Edge-lit architecture Ensures soft illumination that provides comfort for your eyes.
  • Multilayer diffusion technology Offers seamless light transmission without glare.
  • Telescopic pole and ball head Allow you to easily adjust the height and tilt the LED panel.
  • Cable management system Features a built-in cable rail and keeps your setup slick and tidy.
  • App enabled Ensures direct Wi-Fi connection to your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device for easy control using the Control Center app.
  • Works with Stream Deck Power up, adjust brightness, tweak color temperature and more with simple tap controls (Stream Deck sold separately).

$21.99 $24.99
189 reviews
  • Compatible with most cameras with cold shoe mount Helps capture bright, detailed pictures and videos with your existing camera. Also works with almost any smartphone via the included smartphone adapter.
  • Three brightness settings You can adjust its light output of 50 LEDs according to your needs.
  • Rechargeable 500 mAh lithium-polymer battery Ensures a lot of time for continuous use.
  • Set of three color diffusers in box Helps make the light colorful according to your ideas.
  • Lumens 350 Lumens
  • Watts 3.5 Watts of Power

$59.99 $59.99
126 reviews
  • Compatible with most cameras with cold/hot shoe mount Helps capture bright, detailed pictures and videos with your existing camera
  • Continuous Recording Shoot between 1hr - 18hr of recording time, depending on the light brightness level you choose.
  • Adjustable Color Temperature Adjust the color mode from 3100K to 5500K to match the background of your video
  • Long Charge 1500mAh rechargable battery allowing for one hour of continuous usage per charge.
  • Smartphone Holder Include Smartphone holder to easily capture videos using your smartphone
  • Diffuser in box Helps make the light softer.
  • Dimmable Brightness 24 Brightness levels to meet all your needs in different circumstances

$79.99 $79.99
109 reviews
  • Compatible with most DSLR, mirrorless, action cameras and camcorders For use with your existing photo and video devices.
  • Adjustable brightness-level dial Lets you adjust the light output of 120 LEDs according to your needs.
  • Multi-temperature LED (2700K-6500K) Allows taking warm or cool photos or videos easily.
  • Rechargeable 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery Ensures long run time.
  • Three light modes Offer customized illumination for perfect results.

$107.99 $119.99
178 reviews
  • Compatible with most cameras and smartphones For use with your existing photo and video devices.
  • Dimmable Brightness 24 brightness settings to meet all your needs in different circumstances
  • Adjustable Color Temperature Modes 25 Available color modes from 3200k to 5600k to match the background of your video
  • Long Charge Built in rechargeable battery allowing for 14 hours of continuous use.
  • 1/4" tripod mounts on each side Suitable for vertical or horizontal use.
  • Many Uses Perfect for documentaries, outdoor activities, travel, tutorials, interviews, modeling
  • Shooting Time Up to 1hr and 30 min of continous recording time
  • Color Spectrum Seamless RGB Color Spectrum

$21.99 $29.99
17 reviews
  • Ring Light The 6" ring light has 36 LEDs, 3 light color temperature modes (3200K - 5600K) and can be adjusted up to 10 different brightness levels, so whether you're the student or the teacher, you can be sure you stand out from that virtual crowd.
  • Interactive Base The base comes equipped with the ON/OFF buttons, the color temperature modes button as well as the brightness level button, so once you have set that perfect shot, simply use the buttons at the base of the stand to get the achievable look and exposure needed.
  • Portability Perfect for the home, work or on the go! - the white color and stylish design of the stand makes it visually striking to use on any desktop, and makes your desktop pop with design and style, so no more ugly looking lights on your desk or strapped to your computer.

$18.99 $59.99
4 reviews
  • Rotating This state of the art technology follows your every move
  • Lighting The Kit is euipped with lighting to enhance any product placed inside the box
  • Seamless Download the App & fire up the facial recognition
  • Videos Make the best Social media content with any concern
  • BOWER BB-BB-RLTRAK Ring Light with Rotating Smartbase