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$29.99 $29.99
697 reviews
  • Remote extender kit Lets you control up to 4 A/V components that are installed behind doors, walls or other obstructions.
  • Lengthy cable Allows flexible placement of the IR receiver.
  • Built-in adhesive Makes installation simple.

$269.99 $269.99
64 reviews
  • Compatible with most Universal Remote Control narrow band remotes For wide-ranging use.
  • 418MHz antenna module Receives signals from the compatible remote and sends them to the base station. Add up to 3 antenna modules per base station for expanding the range of wireless control (additional modules not included).
  • RF base station Receives narrow band RF signals from the sensor and transmits them to connected components. Expandable up to 15 base stations for connecting additional components (additional base stations not included).
  • Built-in front-panel IR blaster Sends wireless commands to nearby components.
  • 6 variable line outputs Allows you to control up to 6 components simultaneously.

$169.99 $169.99
19 reviews
  • Compatible with remotes from Universal Remote Control
  • Controls up to 15 equipment locations with identical components; built-in antenna
  • Utilizes narrow band RF technology for improved interference rejection; RF addressing
  • 2 fixed IR outputs and 2 variable IR outputs
  • Includes mounting bracket and power supply