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Marantz - TT-15S1 Manual Belt-Drive Turntable for Vinyl Records, Floating Motor for Low-Vibration, Cartridge Included - Transparent White

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Product Features

  • Set New Performance Standards for Turntables Make your vinyls sound magnificent with the Marantz Reference Series TT-15S1 turntable (33 1/3 & 45 rpm) for your most treasured artists & albums. It brings alive the old school charm & lets you experience the warmth and realism of analog music
  • The Ultimate Vibration-Free Listening Experience Features a cutting-edge & uniquely configured design with floating motor mount construction that helps in deadening vibrations & produce distortion-free audio, making your vintage tracks sound divine. A pure delight for a music connoisseur!
  • It's all in the Details The TT-15S1 features a precision AC asynchronous motor, a solid plinth belt-drive, a heavy platter, and a reference class anodized aluminum manual tonearm - better than any turntable on the market! It includes all the tools for quick and easy assembly
  • Top of the Class Phono Cartridge This Marantz turntable comes with a 6-gram, high quality ClearAudio Virtuoso MM Cartridge with an ebony wood body, diamond stylus, lightweight aluminum cantilever and highly effective cartridge damping mechanism for a quieter background
  • Stability for Uneven Planes Comes with 3 height-adjustable solid aluminum feet that provide a strong base to the turntable, keeping it stable even on an irregular surface. Features a clever clamp that fits over the spindle and locks the records in place, making it as flat as possible
  • Best-In-Class Listening Experience More than 60 Years of Audiophile Heritage, innovation and dedication, Marantz brings to you the best surround sound and pristine audio quality imaginable for a premium home theater experience

Product Description

AC servo belt-drive; low-coloration tone arm; 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speed; low-resonance, high-density acrylic chassis and platter; 2-channel line output; aluminum support feet
The Marantz TT-15S1 Reference Series turntable (33 1/3 & 45 rpm) features a low-resonance, acrylic chassis and platter that brings back the warmth and realism to your vintage vinyl records. The TT-15S1 features a non-servo controlled AC motor that prevents vibration and delivers low resonance audio with minimal distortions. The turntable features a belt drive system, that with 2 endless silicon belts, an anodized aluminum straight tone arm, a high quality ClearAudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood MM (moving magnet) stereo cartridge and non-replaceable diamond stylus. Includes Tool Kit, Bearing Oil, Turntable Sheet, and White Cotton Gloves for easy and quick assembly of the turntable

Product Details

Manufacturer Marantz Model Number TT-15S1
SKU 6118488 UPC 699927840051
Color Transparent White Tone Arm Material anodized aluminum
Product Depth 14.2 inches Record Player Yes
Voice Assistant Built-in Not Applicable Platter Diameter 11.1 inches
Output(s) RCA Color Transparent White
Cable(s) Included AC power Bluetooth Enabled No
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 3 Years Headphone Jack No
Playable Record Speeds 33 1/3 Cartridge Type Included MM (Moving Magnet)
Speed Variation ± 0.2% Platter Mat Included Yes
Tone Arm Counterweight Adjustable Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 3 years
App Compatible No Integrated Preamp No
Tone Arm Shape Straight arm Input(s) None
Product Weight 19.6 pounds Model Number TT-15S1
Platter Material acrylic CD Player No
Dust Cover Included No AM/FM Tuner Included No
Drive Type Belt drive Operation Type Manual
Wi-Fi Built-in No Vibration Dampening Feet Yes
Product Height 5.4 inches Motor Type AC (non-servo controlled)
Anti-Skate Mechanism Yes Stylus Shape Diamond
Product Name TT-15S1 Manual Belt-Drive Turntable for Vinyl Records, Floating Motor for Low-Vibration, Cartridge Included Software Included No
Brand Marantz Cassette Player No
Playable Record Sizes 7 in. EQ Switch No
Color Category White Speaker(s) Included No
Product Width 16.5 inches Effective Tone Arm Length 239 millimeters
Digital False Pre-Owned False
Height 5.4 inches Width 16.5 inches
Depth 14.2 inches Weight 19.6 pounds
Shipping Weight 19 Warranty Labor 3 Years
Warranty Parts 3 years Type HardGood

Customer Reviews

Customer Top Rated: False


4/21/2023 4:54:33 PM

Music's in the Groove

I'm so happy with the Marantz-TT15S1 turntable! The cartridge and diamond stylus are phenomenal paired with the new 180g vinyl, remastered studio recordings and Martin Logan Motion 15i bookshelf speakers. Together they bring out every sound you never even heard in the original vinyl recordings! Dave Matthews' "Under the Table & Dreaming" (1994) and Led Zeppelin's debut album (1969) sound AMAZING, like I'm hearing them for the 1st time!!! I'm still getting used to the unexpected sounds the stylus picks up in the deeper grooves of the thicker vinyl. Everything is floating in formation on the beautiful transparent white lucite base, stainless feet, floating motor and ebony wood tone arm. BEAUTIFUL technology!


3/11/2023 8:55:47 AM


Amazing sound quality, Beautiful to look at, and ease of use


2/18/2022 2:31:58 AM

I really wanted to like this...

I've been looking to upgrade my current turntable and the Marantz TT-15 looked like a significant upgrade. It is designed and built by Clearaudio and has extremely positive reviews for audio quality. The high end tonearm and cartridge alone make this a great value. Build quality is top notch. It really is beautiful; a real work of art. That brings me to my great disappointment. I REALLY wanted to like this turntable. The biggest drawback of this turntable and what ultimately made me return it was how fiddly and fussy setting it up was. I was expecting it to put some time into this (the reviews say as much), but I wasn't expecting to be as frustrating of an experience as it was. I took my time assembling it, adjusting the tonearm and cartridge, and getting everything aligned and leveled. The last part I installed was the floating motor and the belt. I turned it on and immediately the belt came off the platter. This was a common problem other owners have had, so I figured no big deal I just have to adjust the pulley on the motor until it's in the right position. I made adjustment after adjustment trying to get the belt to stay on with no success. Even more troubling, when the belt would slip off and I turned the motor off, it would send a surge to my power center and trip the breaker, shutting off everything connected. A motor from an $1800 turntable should not do this. Finally, I started the belt on the 45 cog and then moved it down to the 33 and it stayed on the platter. However, my success was short lived. The power switch is located on the motor itself. With it being a floating motor, that means it can move around each time you turn it on or off, and the tension on the belt will change slightly if the motor moves. Of course that meant the belt slipped off once again, the breaker on my surge protector tripped, shutting off my entire system. I sat quietly in defeat for several minutes before boxing up the Marantz and returning it to the store. I'm sure there are many happy owners that could put up with the quirks and drawbacks of this turntable. I'm sure it sounds great and it certainly looks the part, but it was far too fiddly and frustrating for me. It's a shame, I really wanted to like it.


8/28/2020 3:50:45 PM

The best

The cartridge and whole setup is really great on this


7/15/2019 1:21:15 PM


I had a pro put it together to get the correct tracking force and weight. When you spend 1500 on a tt don’t want to leave anything to chance. Upgraded from a pro ject dc Carbon which I also got from Magnolia. Sound is night and day, amazing soundstage and detail. Maybe less bass, but accurate bass. One caveat though, make sure you have a pristine pressing or a very clean vinyl because you will hear every pop and click.


3/19/2016 7:00:09 AM

Exceptional build and sound quality

After looking at numerous turntables I decided on this one. The build, design, components included led me to this purchase. I was not dissapointed beginning with how it was carefully packaged. The sound was exceptional. I'm pleased to be getting out some of the old vinyl. Forgot how music can sound.


6/22/2015 11:07:11 AM

1 dud and now it works

I got my first table and the sound went a little crazy after the first week. Returned with no issued shipped out a new one and I could not be happier.


11/5/2014 7:01:39 PM

Warm sound - amazing product

Love the nostalgia of this product bringing back true warm sound to all the music I love.

Included Items

  • Turntable chassis
  • Center shaft, Shaft base, 3 Shaft base mounting screws
  • Tone arm (with attached 39" audio/ground cable), Turntable platter, Motor (with attached 6.5' AC power cord), Motor pulley
  • 5' Ground wire (with spade connector), Counterweight, 2 Drive belts, Bottle of bearing oil (5 ml)
  • Felt tone arm height adjustment sheet
  • MM-type cartridge (ClearAudio), 2 Cartridge mounting screws, Anti-skating adjustment screw
  • 3mm Allen wrench, 2.5mm Allen wrench, 1.5mm Allen wrench, Screwdriver
  • User guide