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Robosen - Transformers Optimus Prime Elite G1

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Product Features

  • Realistic The Optimus Prime Elite edition by Robosen Robotics stands in at 16” tall and is able to auto-convert into a Freightliner semi-truck, all while you enjoy the most authentic and realistic Transformers experience!
  • Customizable With advanced programming capabilities, Robosen’s App allows you to customize your Optimus Prime with unique actions and sequences you get to create on your own.
  • Truly authentic Equipped with 80 included phrases voiced by the legendary Peter Cullen himself. This authentic G1 Elite Edition comes ready to battle and entertain right out of the box.
  • App and voice activated through the Robosen Robotics App From Hero Pose to Engaging the Decepticons – Optimus Prime has an arsenal of pre-installed actions sure to amaze, with a growing list available for download.
  • Premium technology Premium built from the inside out. The Optimus Prime Elite has an incredible 60 microchips, 27 servo motors and over 5,000 components.

Product Description

Immerse yourself in the most interactive, awe-inspiring Transformers experience, with the newly designed, agile, and speedy Elite Edition Optimus Prime by Robosen Robotics, in collaboration with Hasbro. The new Elite Edition is complete with voice activated actions, mobile app controls, and endless ways to interact with your Optimus Prime while you program custom sequences for endless entertainment! Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as you walk, punch, blast, drive and convert your Autobot leader with the swipe of your finger, or at the command of your voice! Smooth, compact, and auto-converting – the Elite Edition Optimus Prime is the fastest way to enjoy the world’s most engaging Transformers experience ever!

Product Details

Manufacturer Robosen Model Number HR30-SA
SKU 6534161 UPC 193734000153
Battery Capacity 1200 milliampere hours Assembly Required No
Charging Time 55 minutes Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 year
Toy Type Robot Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 year
Rechargeable Yes Charging Interface(s) USB Type C
Product Weight 12 pounds App-Controlled Yes
Body Material Metal and Plastic Recommended Minimum Age 13 years
Model Number HR30-SA Product Name Transformers Optimus Prime Elite G1
Brand Robosen Effects Lights
Brand/Character Transformers Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Battery Life 1 hours Digital False
Pre-Owned False Weight 12 pounds
Shipping Weight 12 Warranty Labor 1 year
Warranty Parts 1 year Type HardGood

Customer Reviews

Customer Top Rated: True


6/3/2023 10:39:42 PM

Optimus robosen

Great product, bring you back to the 80's tv series


6/3/2023 5:38:08 AM

Favorite toy as a child is even better now

I have wanted this version of Optimus Prime since it came out. One of my favorite characters as a child and now he's voice activated. Watch out world, we are coming for you.


5/5/2023 8:13:49 PM

happy to have it

i thought i never gonna have this robot its fun to play with it and thanks to bestbuy they have it and i bought it in sale price its nice to play this and my daughter is having fun too


4/21/2023 7:36:43 PM


Best collectible I’ve gotten !!! It is so cool kids love it just as much as I do.


4/16/2023 4:04:13 PM

Transform and Roll Out!!

This is quite possibly the best transformer ever made. Right out of the box you know you’re holding a quality item. It’s well constructed, well painted & and absolutely beautiful display piece. I love the fact that it comes with his signature weapon and his orange axe that is featured in the first season battle with Megatron. Set up is very straightforward and you do have to charge it and the initial charge took me about two hours after that is when the real fun begins. Optimus is fully programmable and fully possablr. If you can think it you can pose it. The best part is is it comes with the ability to be programmed into four poses so when he transforms you can choose what form. My personal favorite is being able to have them transform and then he takes a knee like he’s fighting and then you can put his gun in his hand and it’s just amazing to look at. There’s so many different voice commands that it feels like Peter Cullen is actually inside the robot and the internal speaker is excellent…provides exceptional clarity to Optimus’ speech. The app gives you fully customizable/control over Optimus. There’s unlimited things you can do when setting up and playing with this toy, it’s like I’m back in 1984 playing with my original!! I only wish that it came with his trailer because that would truly complete the look but this is a fantastic toy for a discerning collector and a centerpiece of anybody’s collection.


4/10/2023 10:29:12 PM

A true robotic action figure!

A true robotic action figure. This interactive robot/toy/figure is one of the coolest and unique collectibles to ever hit the market. Optimus prime definitely looks and feels high quality, which is probably the reason for the pricing. You can get immersed in the experience and it is fun to show off to friends and family. There is a little of a learning curve to get it set up and started, but the instructions are pretty much holding your hand along the way. Using the app or voice activation to control him is pretty cool. There are so many things you can have him do like transform, roll out and talk to you, think there were over 60 commands that you could have him do. Having the original voice actor Peter Cullen is even sweeter. Having him transform and do all the actions feels like a real life autobot with a life of its own is in front of you. This is an amazing show piece to showoff and people will be talking about this thing for days because how fun it is. I would definitely recommend this to any transformers fan. Only thing negative i have to say about this is the price but you wouldn't be able to get such a premium piece of technology being cheap. Recommend the elite core series 16 inch for $699 as opposed to the flagship $999 20 inch model.


4/10/2023 10:06:31 PM

Optimus has finally hit his Prime

The Robosen Tranformers Optimus Prime Elite G1 is an interesting conundrum. It is without a doubt a technical masterpiece, one that Robosen should be very proud of achieving. 5 year old me wishes something like this existed in the 1980’s. But at a hefty price tag of $700 you’re probably wondering is it really worth it? I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s with Legos, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, and WWF action figures. As I’ve gotten older I still have very fond memories of playing with my toys in the basement and using my imagination to make these toys come to life. Fast forward to 2023 and a lot of the franchises still exist today and tug at our nostalgia heartstrings. And lately there has become a huge market for high end toys for adults. Lego sets now average $500 for a bigger set. So it’s not surprising that a product like the Optimus Prime Elite G1 was made. It is a very cool gadget but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “toy”. It’s not made for a 5 year old to have imaginary play, it’s made for someone who grew up wanting Optimus Prime to come to life and that’s essentially what Robosen has done. The packaging and overall experience of setting up Optimus is very impressive. The hard case it comes in doubles as a nice storage container. Everything was well thought out and carefully planned which I can appreciate. Booting up Optimus for the first time is pretty amazing. Optimus can be controlled two ways, by voice commands or the App via Bluetooth. When you say “Hey Optimus Prime” he responds with “Greetings” and then listens for your command. The first time seeing him transform is something special. It totally is a WOW moment. I recorded it and sent it to all my 30 something friends and the reaction was basically the same every time. There are 40 different voice commands and also extra commands that he can learn by downloading them through the app. Another cool feature is the ability to customize multiple commands in a row by saying Customize and then telling Optimus all the different commands you want him to do. Then saying the words “Start Actions” sets them in motion. The app does basically the same thing but I did notice a bug that once connected the voice commands no longer worked until you disconnected the Bluetooth. The “missions” in the app are basically a way to customize and program your own actions but I honestly found them to be a bit cumbersome to do. The remote control mode allows you to use your phone to do specific actions and also drive Optimus in truck mode, but the dial wasn’t responsive enough for quick maneuvering in a tight space There’s also a photo mode as well that allows you to record him while controlling Optimus through the phone. This gadget really has the wow factor to it but after about an hour or so of doing the commands it loses a little bit of its cool factor. I think this really appeals to the hardcore Transformer fan that really wants a showcase piece for their collection. At a price tag of 700 dollars I just don’t necessarily think the value is there. But I think if you really are purchasing this item you aren’t looking at the price tag. This is just something you either have to have or don’t care about at all. All in all it’s very impressive and Robosen should be very proud of what they have achieved. If this is the start of advanced robotics in toys I can’t wait to see where we will be in the next 30 years from now.


4/10/2023 4:57:49 PM

Hey Optimus Prime, Roll Out!

This thing is so cool. Great if you are a fan of Transformers, and great if you aren't. So amazing how this robot can move and follow commands, either through voice control or through the app. First, the packaging. It comes in a lockable styrofoam case that is great for storing the robot or for taking it somewhere to show off to your friends without damaging it. It makes it feel like you are carrying something top secret. It charges through an AC adapter that you plug in to a port hidden in the grill, and also has a micro-USB (no USB-C?) port, although I haven't figured out what it's used for (presumably to download commands, but it does that capably through bluetooth connection). Once it's charged up, the fun can start! It also comes with a gun and an axe you can make him do things with. Hold down the power button and it starts by saying "I am the leader of Autobots." You can immediately start playing with it through pre-programmed voice commands by saying "Optimus Prime," to which it responds "Greetings." You can then say "Transform" and it automatically turns into a robot (which is sooo awesome!). The voice controls are cool, but the amount of actions you can do are somewhat limited. Controlling it through the phone app is where it's at. With the app, you can make Optimus walk or drive, fire his gun, swing his axe, and a number of other things. There are a bunch of actions you can download, such as playing guitar, pushups, and my favorite, mountaineering! There is also functionality for custom programming movements, but it's not easy to use. In any event, I haven't been able to make Optimus do anything as cool as the actions already programmed. I do wish you could program additional voice commands. It would be cool to be able to do more without connecting Optimus to your phone all the time (if you are connected to the app, voice control won't work, and you have to actively disconnect in order to make it go back to voice control). The other thing I would note is that the gun and axe are pretty hard to put into his hands, and the handle of the gun broke when I was trying to remove it. I've glued it back and it's held so far, but just take note and be careful. All in all, this thing is awesome. Even if you aren't a Transformers fan, just having a robot that can do all these things is pretty cool!


4/9/2023 5:02:34 PM

This G1 Optimus Prime is fantastic

This robot is a marvel for what it does. Looks like Optimus Prime from the Transformers and has all of the sounds you would expect. Even opening the box up is a feel-good experience. The specs talk about the servos and motors needed for it to work, and they work in a flawless way. There are only a few parts to assemble, adding the mufflers and for certain actions you can add a gun or battle axe. Besides that, it is all put together. Charging is done via barrel charger, so make sure you don’t use it. With no connections to anything, once charged and turned on, the unit is ready to work, which makes it easy to use. The prep words are “Ok Optimus Prime” the unit responds and then does the command you say, 40 of them. No phones or tablets needed. It worked fine with male, female, and child voices. Never missed a command, it got them all right. With just voice commands you can move, transform, and command the unit threw many functions. If you get the app, I used the one from the Android store, it opens up a remote control and advanced functions. With the remote you can steer, walk, and transform from one screen. You can also video record through the app. The app opens up the unit for programming and making your own sequences. Connecting to the app was simple, just make sure the Bluetooth is on and the app finds and connects without needing any manual steps. My biggest worry was it being a one trick pony to get bored of quickly. But, with the app or voice commands it will do a lot and keep you engaged or entertained for a while. There are missions through the app to give you something to do. At 16” tall it’s a little smaller than the original unit they made, but it seems to be just as functional. The only issues I’ve had are on a small pile shag carpet it would slip sometimes and fall over. Not often, but be careful of the surfaces you use it on. Falling over didn’t seem to harm the unit at all. Also, the transformation occurs with Optimus facing the rear of the unit not the front, so make sure you know where you want the robot mode to be headed before transforming. When off the unit does not keep its form and will ragdoll, so turning off in truck mode is best. Overall, the Robosen Optimus Prime Elite is amazing. It does a lot and besides nostalgia is a fully function robot that can be entertaining for yourself and others. Be careful with it as it’s expensive, but adults and children will love to use it.


4/9/2023 12:24:47 PM

Marvel of Engineering

Unboxing the Robosen Optimus Prime Elite you’ll find the robot (stored in Alt-mode), accessories (the Ion Blaster, Energon Battle Axe and removable exhaust stacks), the AC charger, a Micro USB cable, documentation, and stickers. All of this comes in a very nice foam-plastic travel/storage case with locks and a carrying handle. Once removed from the box, there is very little involved in getting going for the first time. There are a few protective plastic strips to remove. Then press fit the exhaust stacks into holes on the back of the cab. From there you can power on Optimus and start calling out voice commands. The robot is stunning in both robot and alt (truck) mode. Robosen has done a fantastic job of capturing the G1 aesthetic. The overall fit and finish are superb. And the inclusion of the original voice actor, Peter Cullen, for the multitude of vocalizations is the icing on the Cybertronian cake. Transformations take about 10 seconds to complete. Actions such as striking a ‘Hero Pose’ are startlingly quick and technically impressive. Walking is a bit slow but no less impressive. Driving in Alt-mode is speedy but requires lots of space due to the wide turning radius. Using voice to give commands is quick and has proven accurate. The app (tested on a Pixel 6) is easy to navigate and has been very stable. The app offers a lot of settings and provides an easy way to download and install new actions. The "Play Guitar" action is pretty funny. I do have just a couple of critiques. The use of micro-USB and barrel connector (for the charger) seems really dated. Also, when powered down, the robot has no rigidity; he's like a rag doll. This might be intentional for protecting the dozens of complex joints and gears and motors, but it means displaying him in robot mode will require some kind of stand that doesn't seem to commercially exist yet. These quibbles aside, the Robosen Optimus Prime Elite will make a fantastic addition to any Transformer fan’s collection. It really is a marvel of engineering that blows everyone away that sees it.

Included Items

  • Premium foam protective travel case
  • Battle Axe with swivel back grip
  • Blaster with integrated light and switch
  • Data cable
  • Charger